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Technical Features

Integrated adjustable feeding (I.A.F.) | Differential adjustment by dial | Long arm offers large sewing surface - 22.5cm | Built-in needle threader | Stitch chart with clip board | Retractable thread guide for 2 industrial thread cones | Adjustable sewing speed up to 1000 stitches/minute | Adjustable foot pressure | Additional presser foot clearance | Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover. Independent bobbin winding with automatic declutch | Manual adjustment of tension, indicated on LCD | Strong needle penetration on all fabrics | Fine adjustment | Knee lifter | Guidelines on the needle plate, with indications in mm and Inch | Perfect start angle lines | Drop feed dog | Drop feed

dog sensor | Foot control with retractable cord

Sewing features and programming

126 stitches including 7 buttonholes, plus 2 alphabets | Stitches of special interest for quilters, including quilt stitches, pre-programmed | stippling stitches, 7 versions of appliqué and the « French knot » stitch | 10 direct selection stitches with easy-to-read stitch illustrations | PS key (Personal Settings) to record your personalized adjustments | Creation of sequences combining up to 50 stitches | 4 permanent memories to save, recall, overwrite and clear sequences | Edit key | Start/ Stop key | Automatic and programmable thread cutter | Programmable up/down needle key | Autolock

key and memory auto-lock key | Reverse key | Face-to-face and mirror key | Elongation of satin stitches up to 5 times original length | Twin needle | Adjustable width (7mm) and length (5mm) of stitch | Adjustable needle position | LCD screen with adjustable backlight | 10 languages to choose from | Advisory messages | Fast resumption mode without loss of data | Adjustable sound volume


Sewing Features

Storage box for accessories | Specialty feet for the quilter – such as the new walking foot, patchwork foot, 1/4 Inch foot, open toe embroidery and darning foot, open toe satin stitch foot, quilt guide, straight stitch needle plate | Large quilt table

MSRP - $3,799




Newberg location:
  2414 Portland Rd,
Newberg, OR 97132

Tigard location:
11945 SW Pacific Hwy,
Suite 210
Tigard, OR 97223


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